Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts is a premier arts summer camp for children in the New York metropolitan area. Diverse and playfully rigorous from the start, for over fifty years Usdan has brought world-class teachers and visiting artists – actors, directors, playwrights, painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, dancers, poets and novelists – to teach and collaborate with our campers ages 5 to 18. Our arts summer camp is set on an idyllic 140-acre woodland campus in Long Island, dotted with open-air studios and performance spaces designed to inspire creativity, collaboration and experimentation. Campers choose to “major” and “minor” in artistic disciplines such as painting, music, theater or dance, or photography. The Usdan experience is unique among arts summer camps around NYC, as it brings together the rigor of artistic practice and the playfulness of a classic summer camp, with places to swim, play sports, and practice yoga and archery. It is no surprise that many campers choose to return year after year to continue their creative journeys in Usdan’s safe and welcoming environment.  

To audition for The Ensemble:

1. Complete this brief form regarding your experience
2. Upload a video containing a performance of you singing a song from the Broadway repertoire. 

  • Try to select a song that best shows the range of your talent. 

3. You must also choose a monologue from a published play.  It should be memorized rather than read from an off-camera prompt, not exceed one minute in length, and should not come from a monologue book or be self-written.

  • Please use one camera at a fixed angle with a fixed lens.
  • The recording should contain no material other than the monologue and musical selection, both together in a single file.
  • Camera must be placed to obtain a full-figure shot rather than a face close-up.
  • A neutral-to-dark background works best.
  • You must clearly be a soloist. You should begin your audition by saying : “Hello, my name is . . . . “ Identify your monologue and song before beginning either, saying something like: “I will be singing [title of song] from the show [title]. Likewise the monologue should be clearly identified, mentioning the source along with the character’s name. 
  • You may be accompanied by piano, a click track or a karaoke recording. Or, as a last resort, you may record yourself without accompaniment, though this will not be viewed favorably.
  • You are responsible for the quality of the recording. You must be clearly visible and audible.
  •  We strongly encourage you not to use a song or monologue from “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”

The deadline to submit this audition is two weeks after your email.

Please create an account to access the audition form. Please complete the form and upload your video. This video will serve as your audition.    

Strict Deadline for submission: Two weeks from the date of your email 

If you have any trouble, please email

Our Music Merit Scholarship Program is open to young instrumentalists and vocalists in grades 2–12. 

Applications close on May 24, 2024. Audition results will be shared on a rolling basis but not more than three weeks after auditions. 


Applicants should prepare about 5-10 minutes of solo music. NYSSMA pieces are acceptable, although specific pieces are not required. Students may be asked to play scales and/or perform sight reading. Students should not play band or orchestra pieces from school.  

Students must have at least one year of experience playing their instrument and must be able to read sheet music. Students must also submit a teacher recommendation letter. Letters can be emailed directly to Teachers can use our recommendation letter tips for help writing their letters. 

Students are not required to enroll in camp before their audition but are encouraged as classes may fill up before final decisions are released.  


Students should complete the brief application below and complete an audition. Students can choose to audition live on campus or virtually via Microsoft Teams. Auditions can be scheduled once the application is submitted using the link on the confirmation page. Alternatively, applicants can submit a pre-recorded audition with their application. Please note, preference will be given to students who choose to do a live audition, either on campus or virtually. 

Please create an account to access the audition form. Please complete the form and upload a video.  This video will serve as your audition.  

Strict Deadline for submission: two weeks from the date of your email

If you have any trouble, please email

Usdan Audition FAQ’s
How fast should I play each selection?
Please pick a tempo that you can perform each selection to the best of your ability. It is more important to play accurately than fast.
What if I can’t play something?
The purpose of these etudes/excerpts is to correctly place you in an ensemble. Do your best and demonstrate to the best of your abilities.
Why was I given such a short time to prepare?
We want to see not only your technical facility on the instrument but also your reading ability. This will help us place you in an ensemble that will be most appropriate. We purposely do not want to give you months to work on the materials.
Can I play something additional for my audition?
You MUST perform the audition materials Usdan has supplied. If you wish to play an additional piece, please keep it under 3 minutes in length. This is completely optional and not required.
Please remember, this is to make sure you are placed in the correct ensemble. This will help make sure you have an enjoyable and rewarding summer! 

Please create an account to access the audition form. Please complete the form and upload your video. This video will serve as your audition.    

Strict Deadline for submission: Two weeks from the date of your email. 

If you have any trouble, please email

Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts